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American Silver
Graham Hood, Praeger, 1971

American Silver Marks: 1650 to the Present
Ralph & Terry Kovel, Crown Publishers

American Silversmiths and Their Marks
Stephen Guernsey Cook Ensko, David R. Godine, Publisher, 1989

Art Nouveau Jewelry
Vivienne Becker, Thames & Hudson, 1999

Art Nouveau & Art Deco Silver
Annelies Krekel~Aalberse, Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1989

The Book of Old Silver
Seymour B. Wyler, Crown Publishers, 1977

Chicago Metalsmiths
Sharon S. Darling, Chicago Historical Society, 1977

Chinese Export Silver 1785 to 1885
Forbes, Devereux & Wilkins, Museum of American China Trade, 1975

Collecting American 19th Century Silver
Katherine Morrison McClinton, Charles Scribner's & Sons, 1968

Contemporary Silver
B. Seymour Rabinovitch & Helen Clifford, Merrell Publishers Limited, 2000

Dansk Smykker / Danish Jewelry
Jacob Thage, Komma & Clausen 1990

Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, 4th Ed.
Dorothy T. Rainwater & Judy Redfield, Schiffer Publishing, 1998

Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, 4th Ed.
Dorothy T. Rainwater & Judy Redfield, Schiffer Publishing, 1998

French Master Goldsmiths and Silversmiths - 17th to the 19th Century
Jacques Helft - et al, French & European Publications, 1966

George Jensen Holloware, The Silverfund Collection
D.A. Taylor & J.W. Laskey, The Silverfund Plc, 2003

George Jensen Jewelry
David A. Taylor ed., Yale University Press, 2005

George Jensen Silversmithy, 77 Artists, 75 Years
Erik Lassen, Smithsonian Institution, 1980

George Jensen, Silver & Design
Thomas C. Thulstrup, Gads Forlag 2004

Gorham Silver, 1831-1981
Charles H. Carpenter, Jr., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1982

The History of Silver
Claude Blair, Macdonald & Co. Ltd., 1987

International Hallmarks on Silver, 5th Ed.
Tardy, Paris, 1985

Jackson's Hallmarks, Pocket Edition
Ian Pickford, Antique Collector's Club, 1995

Jewelry & Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition
Elyse Zorn Karlin, Schiffer Publishing, 1993

Manufacturers' Marks on American Coin Silver
John R. McGrew, Argyros Publications, 2004

Marks of American Silversmiths: In the Ineson-Bissell Collection
Louise Conway Belden, Winterthur Museum, 1980

Marks of Achievement:
Four Centuries of American Presentation Silver

David B. Warren, Harry N. Abrams Inc.,1987

Mexican Silver: 20th Century Handwrought Jewelry & Metalwork
Penny Chittim Morrill & Carole A. Berk, Schiffer Publishing, 1994

Modernist Jewelry 1930-1960: The Wearable Art Movement
Marbeth Schon, Schiffer Publishing, 2004

Modern Silver
Graham Hughes, Crown Publishers, 1967

Netherlands' Responsibility Marks since 1797
WaarborgHolland, Gouda, 2003

Poincons d'Or et Platine, 13th Ed.
Tardy, Paris, 1997

Silver in America 1840-1940: A Century of Splendor
Charles L. Venable, Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1995

Silver in American Life; Selections from the Garvan
and Other Collections at Yale University

Barbara McLean Ward & Gerald W.R. Ward, American Federation of the Arts, 1979

Silver in the Golden State
Oakland Museum, California, 1986

Silversmiths, Jewelers, Clock & Watch Makers
of Kentucky 1785-1900

Marquis Boultinghouse, Privately Printed, 1980

Silversmiths of Georgia:
Together With Watchmakers and Jewelers 1733-1850

George Barton Cutten , Oglethorpe Press, 1998

Silversmiths of North Carolina, 1696-1860
George Barton Cutten , N C Dept. of Cultural Resources & History, 1984

South Carolina Silversmiths: 1690-1860
E. Milby Burton , Oglethorpe Press, 1998

Silversmiths of Virginia
George Barton Cutten , Dietz Press, 2001

Small Antique Silverware
G. Bernard Hughes, Bramhall House, 1957

Spanish Colonial Silver
Leona Davis Boylan, Museum of New Mexico Press, 1974

Spratling Silver
Sandraline Cederwell & Hal Riney, Chronicle Books, 1990

Sterling Flatware: An Identification and Value Guide
Tere Hagan, L-W Book Sales, 1999

Tennessee Silversmiths
Benjamin Hubbard Caldwell, Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, 1988

Tiffany Silver
Charles H. Carpenter Jr., Dodd, Mead & Co., 1978

Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed.
Christie Romero, Krause Publications, 2002

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