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Schulz & Fischer
San Francisco, CA
Active c.1874 - 1883 Successors to Schulz, Fischer & Mohrig (1868-69) & Fischer & Schulz (1869-74)

Seib & Ankeny
Active c.1850's - 1860's.

American Silver Marks Seidman
New York, NY
Mid-20th century manufacturer.

Joseph Seymour
Syracuse, NY
Active c.1835 - 1887, usually in a partnership

Oliver D. Seymour
Hartford, CT
Active c.1850 Successor to Seymour & Hollister (c.1843-50)

George Sharp
Philadelphia, Pa. ~ 1850 - 1874
Important maker, produced exclusively for Bailey & Co. 1852 - 1866.

Shepard Mfg. Co.
Melrose Highlands, MA ~ 1893 - 1923
Specialists in sterling souvenir spoons, some enamel work.

Sheperd & Boyd
Albany, NY
Active c.1810 - 1830 Robert Sheperd (b.1781 - d.1853) & William Boyd

George W. Shiebler & Co.
New York, NY ~ 1876 - 1910
Fine quality maker, flatware, holloware and novelty items. Exceptional Medallion and Art Nouveau. Schiebler also acquired and produced from some of the pattern dies of H. Hebbard, J. Polhemus, A. Coles and Wood

? Shmedtie
Washington, DC
Active mid nineteenth century.

Joel Shoemaker
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1764 - d.1829) Active after 1793, thought to have worked in New York at some time.

Shreve & Co.
San Francisco, CA ~ 1852 - Present
Manufacturers & retailers, full line of jewelry, flatware and holloware. Good Arts & Crafts work.

Shreve, Stanwood & Company
Boston, MA
Active c.1860 Successors to Shreve, Brown & Company & precursors to Shreve, Crump & Low

John Sibley
New Haven, CT
c.1801 - 1810

Anthony Simmons
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1798 - 1808 usually in partnership

Simons Brothers
Philadelphia, Pa. ~ 1840 - Present
Full line, but discontinued flatware in 1908, their dies were sold to Alvin. Noteworthy Arts & Crafts work.

Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.
Wallingford, CT ~ 1866-1898
Manufacturers of silverplate and sterling wares, absorbed into International Silver in 1898. International continued the use of this mark for many years into the 20th century.

? Sizer
Location unknown
Active mid nineteenth century.

Skinner & Sweet
Boston, MA
Active 1846-1857, Alvah Skinner and James Sweet

Smith & Boerner
Cincinnati, OH
Active c.1860-1864, Harry R. Smith & Charles G. Boerner Jr., successors to Beggs & Smith. Jewelers and silver retailers.

Frank W. Smith Silver Co.
Gardner, Massachusetts ~ 1886 - 1958
High quality flatware & holloware, Arthur Stone was an early designer.

Isaac Speer
Chicago, IL
(b.1809 - d.1879) Active c.1842 - 57, as Speer & Cosper in 1852, as I. & E. W. Speer c. 1861 - 1869

Squire & Brothers
New York, NY
Active c.1846

Theodore B. Starr
New York, NY ~ ca1890's - 1924
Fine quality maker and retailer. Succeeded by Reed & Barton.

Stauffer & Harley
Philadelphia, PA
Active mid nineteenth century.

E. Stebbins & Company
New York, NY
Active c.1835-1845 Edwin Stebbins

Stebbins & Company
New York, NY
Active c.1845-1856 William Stebbins

Steele & Crocker
Location unknown
Active second quarter nineteenth century.

The Sterling Silver Manufacturing Company
Providence, RI
Active c.1909 to 1932, their flatware patterns were acquired by the Saart Brothers firm.

Steward & Stevens
Location unknown
Active mid nineteenth century, probably retailers.

W. D. Steward
Location unknown
Active mid nineteenth century.

The Stieff Company
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1904 - Present
Successors of the Baltimore Sterling Silver Co (f.1892)
Quality makers of Baltimore repousse flatware and holloware. Acquired Schofield and Kirk, now The Kirk-Stieff Company.
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Storrs & Cooley
Utica, NY
Active c.1831 - 1839 Charles Storrs, Oliver B. Cooley, Horace P. Bradley, David S. Rowland and Erastus Charles Starin.

Perry G. Tanner
Utica & Cooperstown, NY
(b.1842 - d.1878) Active c.1840 - 1844 in Utica, 1844 - ? in Cooperstown.

Taylor & Lawrie
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1837 - 1850

The T. C. Shop
Chicago, Il
Active Ca. 1910 - 1913. Emery Todd & Clemencia Cosio, producers of handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flat & holloware. Cosio was a designer, Todd was both designer and smith.

The Thomae Company
Attleboro, Massachusetts
1920 - Present
Manufacturer, small sterling and novelty items, good quality.

Tiffany & Company
New York, New York ~ 1853 - Present
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Tiffany, Young & Ellis
New York, New York ~ 1841 - 1853
Retailers of fine quality coin & sterling by Moore, Gale, Hebbard, Polhemus and others.
Succeeded by Tiffany & Co.

Tift & Whiting
North Attleboro, MA
c.1840 -1858 Makers of quality coin items & some original flatware patterns
Mark is sometimes seen with "arm & hammer" reversed.
Succeeded by Whiting, Fessenden & Cowan which became Whiting Mfg. Co. in 1866.

A. F. Towle & Son
Greenfield, Massachusetts ~ 1890 - 1902
An offshoot of Towle Silversmiths, the firm was absorbed into Rogers, Lunt & Bowlen.

Towle Silversmiths
Newburyport, Massachusetts ~ 1882 - Present
Large manufacturer, full line of sterling flatware and holloware. Lion T trademark was first used ca.1890

Henry Towle
Haverhill, NH
(b.1788 - d.1862) Active c.1835

E.W. Trask
Location Unknown
Active c.1850, probably a retailer.

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