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D. Parsons
Location unknown
Active second quarter 19th century.

Paye & Baker Manufacturing Co.
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1901 - c.1960
Souvenir spoons, flatware, sterling jewelry & mesh bags _ some nice enamels

William Whitman Peabody
Amesbury, Massachusetts ~ c.1890 - 1930's
Arts & Crafts silversmith, worked as spoonmaker for George Gebelein in Boston and maintained a small independent workshop.

C. D. Peacock
Chicago, Illinois ~ c.1860 - Present
Retailer's of fine quality sterling ware and fine jewelers.

Pelletreau, Bennett & Cooke
New York, NY
Maltby Pelletreau, John Bennett Sr. & D.C. Cooke c.1826

Pelletreau & Upson
New York, NY
William Smith Pelletreau & Stephen Upson, c.1818

Henry J. Pepper
Wilmington, DE & Philadelphia, PA
(b.1789 - d.1853) in Wilmington c.1810 - 1827, Philadelphia c. 1828 - 1850

Peter Perraux (Perreaux)
Philadelphia, PA
c. 1797

E. P. Pettes
Location unknown

J. L. Phillips
Baltimore, MD
Active third quarter 19th century, probably a retailer.

J. Picard & Co.
Location unknown

Hartford, CT
19th Century - Large family of Hartford silversmiths, this mark could belong to any number of them.

Abner or Albert Pitts
Berkeley, Mass.
Active c.1850's probably a retailer.

Platt & Brothers
New York, NY
Active c.1830 - George, Nathan & David Platt. Successors to Platt & Brother

John Polhamus (Polhemus)
New York, NY
Active c.1833 - 1874 usually in a partnership. Notable designer, patented a number of flatware patterns and also produced for Tiffany.

Poole Silver Co.
Taunton, Massachusetts ~ 1893 - 1971 (absorbed by Towle)
Plated ware, sterling line added 1946, brass line added 1964.

Henry C. Porter
New York, NY

Preisner Silver Co.
Wallingford, Connecticut ~ 1935 - Present?
Sterling holloware, much of it spun and weighted.
Radke & Company
San Francisco, CA ~ late 19th / early 20th C.
Jewelers and retailers (possibly makers) of handwrought silver.

Rand & Crane
Boston, Massachusetts ~ 1886 - c.1920's
Successors to Kennard & Co. and retailer's of quality sterling and plated goods, thought to have done some of their own manufacturing.

Joseph Raynes
Lowell, MA & Portsmouth NH
(b.1810 - d.1896) Active c.1835 in Lowell.

Jacob Redifer
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1844 - 1850

Redlich & Company
New York, NY ~ c.1890 - 1946
Sterling holloware & some goldwork, high quality in the early years. Absorbed by Elgin in 1946, however, the Redlich trademark was used at least until the 1970's.

Reed & Barton
Taunton, Massachusetts ~ 1840 - Present
Major manufacturer, full line of flatware and holloware.
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Reed & Slater
Nashua, NH
Active second quarter nineteenth century.

George Washington Reed
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1839 - 1850

Paul Adler
California ~ c.1945 - 6
Modern design flatware. A shortlived venture by a cousin of Allan Adler, the mark is - Adler - letters in reverse.

Revere Silversmiths
Brooklyn, New York ~ 1914 - Present
Became Revere Silver Co., division of Crown Silver Inc. ca.1960

Joseph T. Rice
Albany, NY
(d.1854) Active c.1813 - 1850

Stephen Richard
New York, NY
Active c.1815 - 1829

Charles M. Robbins
Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1892 - Present
Sterling and enamel jewelry, badges, etc.

Samuel D. Rockwell
New York, NY
Active c.1815 - 1841

Roden Bros. Ltd.
Toronto, Canada ~ 1891 - c.1958
Full line, sterling and plated ware. Acquired by Birks in the late 50's.

William Roe
Kingston, NY
Active c.1795 - 1805, In partnership of Roe & Stollenwerck c.1805

Rogers & Wendt
Boston, MA
Active c.1850 - 1859 Augustus Rogers & John Wendt. Precursor to Wendt & Co. of NY

Daniel Rogers
Ipswich, MA
(b.1753 - d.1792)

F. B. Rogers Silver Co.
Taunton, Massachusetts ~ 1883 - Present
Mostly plated ware, some sterling.

W.N. Root & Brother
New Haven, CT
Active c.1850

Saart Brothers
Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1906 - Present
Full line, sterling and plated ware.

Philip Benjamin Sadtler
Baltimore, MD
(b.1771 - d.1860) Active c.1790 - 1860, as Sadtler & Pfaltz c. 1800 - 1806

H. Harry Safford
Gallipolis, Marietta & Zanesville, OH
Active c.1800-1812

Henry Salisbury
New York, NY
Active c.1830 - 1838. Salisbury & Co. c.1835

Joel Sayre
New York, NY
Active c.1778 - 1818

Scharling & Co.
Newark, NJ ~ 1885 - ca.1930
Sterling holloware & novelties, some jewelry & silver deposit on glassware.

Schmitz, Moore & Co.
Newark, NJ ~ 1915 - ca.1920
Specialized in sterling dresserware. Succeeded by Moore & Hofman

Schofield Co.
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1905 - 1967
Mostly Baltimore style repousse, absorbed into Stieff.

Schohay & Ludwig
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1867 - 1873

A. G. Schultz & Co.
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1899 - 1950
Excellent quality repousse holloware.

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