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Aime Mathey
New York, NY
Active c.1826 - 1865

Mathews & Prior
New York, NY ~ ? - c.1904
Sterling holloware

Matthews Company
Newark, New Jersey ~ 1907 - ca.1936
Sterling holloware and overlay glass. Succeeded by Hickok - Matthews Co.

mauser Mauser Manufacturing Co.
New York, NY
1887 - 1903
Good maker, in 1903 absorbed into Mt. Vernon silversmiths.

mayer Joseph Mayer & Bros.
Seattle, Washington -- 1895 - 1945
Mostly flatware makers, absorbed into E. J. Towle Co.

Benjamin Mayo
Newark, New Jersey ~ 1860 - 1908
Manufacturer of plated and sterling ware.

John B. & Samuel Mayo
Newark, New Jersey ~ 1868 - 1871
Manufacturer of plated and sterling ware.

Thomas McConnell
Wilmington, DE
(b.1768 - d.1825) Active c.1790 - 1818

J. B. McFadden
Pittsburgh, PA
Active c.1840

Wilson McGrew
Cincinnati, OH
(b.1800 - d.1859) Active c.1825 - 1859

McKay, Spear & Brown
Boston, MA
Active c.1850

John McMullen
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1765 - d.1843) Active c.1795 - 1843. In partnership McMullin & Black c.1811

Edward E. Mead
Utica, NY & St. Louis, MO
Active c.1831 - 1870. In St. Louis from 1838 and in partnership with Edwin Adriance 1836 - 1852

mechanics Mechanics Sterling Co.
Attleboro, MA -- 1896 -?
A subsidiary of Watson & Newell Co., produced Sterling flatware and souvenir spoons.

meriden Meriden Brittania Co.
Meriden, Connecticut -- 1895 - 1898
Sterling line began in 1895, absorbed into International Silver in 1898, but mark was used until the 1930's

Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
St. Louis, Missouri ~ 1845 - 1905
Retail merchants of sterling, silverplate & jewelry, some of their own manufacture.
Succeeded by Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Co.

merrill The Merrill Shops
New York, NY -- 1893 - c. 1931
Small shop, small quality items and custom work, some Arts & Crafts work.

Marcus Merriman
New Haven, CT
(1762 - 1850) Active c.1787 - 1826. Succeeded by Merriman & Tuttle in 1802, shortly followed by Marcus Merriman & Co.

Marcus Merriman & Co.
New Haven, CT
Active c.1802 - 1817. Marcus Merriman, Zebul Bradley & Bethuel Tuttle. Succeeded by Merriman & Bradley.

Max Meyer
St. Charles, MO
Active c.1866, probably a retailer.

maltby Middletown Silver Company
Middletown, Connecticut ~ ca.1900 - 1940
Makers of sterling and silverplate holloware.

D.B. Miller
Boston, MA
Active c.1850

? Mitchell
Location unknown
Active second quarter 19th century.

Jared L. Moore
New York, NY
Active c.1824 - 1852 usually in partnership.

John C. Moore & Son
New York, NY
Active c.1845 - 1868 Produced for Tiffany & Company, the mark is often seen in conjunction with Tiffany's. The firm became part of Tiffany & Co. in 1868.

Abel Moulton
Newburyport, MA
(b.1784 - d.1840) in partnership of Moulton & Davis c.1824 - 1830

Ebenezer Moulton
Boston & Newburyport, MA
(b.1768 - d.1824)

Joseph Moulton IV
Newburyport, MA
(b.1814 - d.1903) in partnership with Theophilus Bradbury (Moulton & Bradbury) c.1830

William Moulton IV
Newburyport, MA
(b.1772 - d.1861) This mark may also have been used in his latter years by William Moulton III (b.1720 - d.1793)

Mueck - Carey Co.
New York, New York ~ 1940's - 1950's
Likely to have been absorbed into Towle.

John H. Mulford & William Wendell
Albany, NY
Active c.1843 - 1850, successors to Boyd & Mulford

James Munroe
Barnstable, MA
(b.1784 - d.1879)

John Myers
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1757) Active c.1785 - 1804

Napier Company
Meriden, Connecticut ~ 1920 - Present
Makers of well designed modern jewelry and novelty items in sterling and plate.

National Silver Co.
New York, NY ~ ca.1900 - Present ?
Sterling and plated silver holloware and flatware.

Newburyport Silver Co.
Keene, New Hampshire ~ 1905 - 1914
Manufacturers of sterling flatware & holloware.

H. M. Nichols
Concord, NH

William S. Nichols
Newport, RI
c.1808 - 1860

H. Nils
New York, New York ~ 1950's
Not a Danish maker, but a New York retailer,
located at 56th St. just off 5th Ave. Nils retailed the work
of Danish makers for American consumers. His mark
is seen in conjunction with Sterling or 925S & Denmark and
sometimes with the mark of a Danish maker.

William B. North
New Haven, CT
(b.1787 - d.1838) active c.1811 - 1831. Began in New Haven, relocated to NYC c.1818, later to New Britain, CT c.1827

J. H. Norton
Location unknown
Active second quarter 19th century.

Norton & Seymour
Syracuse, NY
Active c.1850 Benjamin R. Norton & Joseph Seymour

Falick Novick
Chicago, Illinois ~ 1909 - 1957
Maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling and copper ware. Novick was first a smith at Kalo.

Nathaniel Olmsted & Son
New Haven, CT

Oneida Silversmiths
Sherrill, NY ~ ca.1877 - Present
Sterling and plated silver holloware and flatware. Sterling line began in 1946.

David Orgell
Los Angeles, California ~ 1933 - Present
Beverly Hills retailer - jewelry and giftware

John Osborn
Utica, NY
c.1804 - 1807. Usually in a partnership.

Jonathan Packard
Springfield MA, Albany & Rochester NY
(b.1789 - d.1854) active c.1811 - 1854. In Rochester from 1818.

Palmer & Batchelder
Boston, MA

David Parisien (Parisen)
New York, NY
c.1780 - 1817. Member of a large family of NY Huguenot silversmiths.

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