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George Gebelein
Boston, Massachusetts ~ 1909 - c.1950's
Handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling, mostly traditional forms.

William Gethen
Philadelphia, PA
Active ca. 1797 - 1808

Michael Gibney
New York, NY
Active c.1836 - 1851. In partnership of Gibney & Reade c.1847

F. S. Gilbert
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ c.1904 - c.1915
Sterling Flatware

Joab Gillett
Cazenovia, NY
Active c.1810 - 1833.

American Silver Marks John Ward Gilman
Exeter, NH
(b.1741 - d.1823) Active c.1760 - c.1792.

Glenny W.H. Glenny, Sons & Co.
Buffalo, NY
18?? - 1898
Department Store - Mark found on flatware, mostly souvenir spoons.

American Silver Marks Goodnow & Jenks
Boston, Mass. ~ 1893 - 1905
Fine makers & retailers of sterling holloware and novelties, they were the principle suppliers to Boston's upper crust during their time. Successors of Kennard & Jenks.

Horace Goodwin
Hartford, CT
(b.1787 - d.1864) Active c.1811 - 1852. In partnership with brother, Allyn, in first half of 1820's

Jabez Gorham & Son
Providence, RI
Active c.1841 - 1850. Precursor to Gorham & Co.

American Silver Marks Gorham & Co.
Providence, RI
Active c.1852 - 1865. Precursor to Gorham Mfg. Co.

Gorham Gorham Mfg. Co.
Providence, RI
1865 to Present
see > Gorham Date Code Marks

Gorham - Metal Gorham Mfg. Co.
Mark used on Brass, Copper, Iron (last quarter 19th century) and Silverplate (20th century)

Erik Magnussen Gorham Mfg. Co.
mark on modernist pieces designed by, the Danish smith, Erik Magnussen from 1925 to 1929

Miles Gorham
New Haven, CT
(b.1757 - d.1847)

Graff, Washbourne & Dunn
New York, NY ~ 1899 - 1961
Good quality makers of sterling holloware and novelties. Successors of Wood and Hughes, GWD was acquired by Gorham in 1961.

Gregg & Hayden
New York, NY & Charleston, SC
Active c.1832 - 1846. Also as Hayden & Gregg

Grosjean & Woodward
Boston, MA & New York, NY
Active as early as 1840 in Boston, active c.1852 - 1862 in NY. Charles Grosjean & Eli Woodward made high quality coin silver and some sterling and were major suppliers to the early Tiffany & Company.

American Silver Marks Frederick J. R. Gyllenberg
Boston, Massachusetts ~ c.1900 - c.1932
Handwrought Arts & Crafts silver and copper holloware.
Trained and worked at the Handicraft shop with Leinonen.

F. J. R. Gyllenberg & Alfred H. Swanson
Boston, Massachusetts ~ 1926 - c.1932
Handwrought Arts & Crafts silver and copper holloware.
This partnership shared a workshop with Karl Leinonen.

Location Unknown
Active c.1810 -1830. Possibly a variation on the mark of Daniel B. Hempsted

Green Hall
Albany & New York, NY
(b.1782 - d.1863) Active c.1810 - 1854. Usually in partnership, most notably Hall, Hewson & Brower.

Hall, Hewson & Brower
Albany, NY
Active c.1847 - 1850. Green Hall, S. Douglas Hewson & John D. Brower.

Unknown ~ mid 20th cent.
Thin, weighted sterling.

hamilton-diesinger Hamilton & Davis later - Hamilton & Diesinger
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ 1880 - 1900

Newell Harding
Boston & Haverhill, MA
(b.1796- d.1862) Active c.1810 - 1854. Began in Haverhill, later in Boston with Newell Harding & Co. c.1830 - 1860

Stephen Hardy
Boston, MA & Portsmouth, NH
(b.1781- d.1843)

Harris & Stanwood
Boston, MA
Active c.1835 - 1845. Became Harris, Stanwood & Company in 1845

Birks Hartford Sterling Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ~ c.1900 - 1930's
Mostly silverplate, some sterling

Hawley & Leach
Utica, NY
Active c.1853 - 1856. Horace H. Hawley, Almon Leach & George Leach.

James Hayes
Aspen, Colorado ~ 1949 - Present
Handmade jewelry and small objects.

American Silver Marks Henry Hebbard
New York, NY
Active c.1847 - 1869. Important maker, patented a number of flatware patterns and produced for early Tiffany & Company. Hebbard was involved in a number of partnerships, most notably with John Polhemus.

Daniel Booth Hempsted
New London, CT & Eatontown, GA
(b.1784 - d.1852) Connecticutt until 1820, Georgia afterwards.

henckel George A. Henckel & Co.
New York, NY ~ 1909 - c.1940
Quality workshop, to the trade. Succeeded by Currier & Roby

Hennegan, Bates & Co.
Baltimore, Maryland ~ 1874 - c.1930
Founded in Pittsburgh in the mid 1860's, later removed to Baltimore. Jobbing firm, wholesaling and retailing of Baltimore silversmith's work.

Herbst & Wassall
New York, NY ~ 1909 - c.1940
Small, quality shop. Sterling & 14k, small articles.

American Silver Marks Joel F. Hewes
Titusville, Pennsylvania ~ c.1910 - c.1950
Small shop, handwrought hammered work. Hewes is erroneously listed as a Boston smith in Kovel's. He was succeeded, in the early 1950's, by Jonathan L. Locke who began working at the Titusville shop in 1914.

D. B. Hindman & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1833 - 1837

M. Fred Hirsch Co.
Jersey City, New Jersey ~ c.1920 - 1945
Sterling holloware. Succeeded by Fisher.

Julius Hollister
Hartford, CT & Greenfield, MA
(b.1818 - d.1905) Active c.1840's. Partner in Seymour & Hollister, Oswego NY ca. 1846

homer George E. Homer
Boston, MA ~ 1875 - 1975+
Retail jewelers, the mark is found primarily on souvenir spoons and Homer was possibly only a retailer.

Hotchkiss & Schreuder
Syracuse, NY
Active c.1850 - 1871, David Hotchkiss & Andrew B. Schreuder.
Manufacturing silversmiths, mostly flatware including original patterns.

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