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Ellmore Silver Co.
Meriden, Connecticut ~ 1935 - 1960
Manufacturers of sterling flatware, holloware and novelties. Absorbed F.M. Whiting, G. H. French, Concord Silversmiths and the W.S. Blackinton Co.

Empire Crafts Corp.
Newark, New York ~ 1930's - 1950's
Flatware - plated and sterling. Absorbed into Oneida

ensko Ensko
New York, NY
1878 -1970
Mark in use c.1920's -1970. Maker's of very fine antique sterling reproductions and American silver historians.

Garret Eoff
New York, NY
(b.1779 - d.1845) Active c.1805 - 1845, usually in a partnership.

Eoff & Connor
New York, NY
Active 1833 - 1835, Garret Eoff & John H. Connor

American Silver Marks Eoff & Shepard
New York, NY
Active 1852 - 1861, Edgar Mortimer Eoff & George L. Shepard. Successors to Eoff & Phyfe

Erickson Silver Shop
Gardner, Massachusetts ~ 1932 - Present
Handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling flatware & holloware. Successors to David Carlson.

Robert Evans
Boston, MA
(d.1812) active c.1770

Theodore Evans & Company
New York NY
Active c.1855 - 1865, later became Evans & Cook before being acquired by George Shiebler in 1870.

Rufus Farnum
Boston MA, Hanover NH, Norwich CT
(b.1771 - d.after 1833) Active c.1799 - 1833, in Norwich c.1810, in Hanover c.1833

American Silver Marks Rufus & Henry Farnum
Boston, MA & Hanover, NH
Active c.1800 - 1807

John C. Farr
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1824 - 1840

Farrington & Hunnewell
Boston, MA
Active c.1835 - 1885 John Farrington & George W. Hunnewell

fessenden Fessenden & Co.
Providence, RI
1858 -1922
Manufacturers of fancy flatware and holloware.

Peter Field
Albany, NY
Active c.1785 - 1800, first in Hudson, NY, later in Albany.

fisher Fisher Silversmiths Inc.
Jersey City, NJ
c.1936 - 1970's?
Manufacturers of sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware. Mostly spun and weighted holloware with some good modern design.

Thomas Fletcher
Philadelphia, PA & Boston, MA
(b.1787 - d.1866) Active Boston c.1810, Philadelphia -c.1813 - 1830

Colin Van Gilder Forbes
New York, NY
Active c.1808 - 1839, Forbes & Son 1826 - 1838

Garret Forbes
New York, NY
(b.1785 - d.1851) Active c.1808

John Wesley Forbes
New York, NY
(b.1781 - d.1864) Active c.1808 - 1838

American Silver Marks William Forbes or William Faris
Forbes (b.1751 - d.1840) Active c.1773 - 1830 in
New York City
Faris (b.1728 - d.1804) Active c.1760 - 1780 in
Annapolis, Maryland

Ford, Tupper & Behan
New York, NY
Active 1867 - 1867 Patrick Ford, Jonas Tupper & ? Behan. Primarily retailers and predecessors to Ford & Tupper.

Ford & Tupper
New York, NY
Active 1867 - 1874 Patrick Ford & Jonas Tupper. Primarily retailer's of quality silver. Successors to Ford, Tupper & Behan (1866/67)

James M. Ford
Boston, MA
Active middle of the 19th Century

H. Foster
Location Unknown
Either Henry Foster, active NY c.1830's or Hiram Foster, Philadelphia active c. 1820

Thomas Foster
Newburyport, MA
(b.1799 - d.1887) Active c.1820's, in partnership with his brother, Nathaniel until 1860.

Foster & Bros. Theodore W. Foster & Bros.
Providence, RI
1898 -1951
Successors to Foster & Bailey, manufacturers of an expansive range of small sterling, gold & silver plate novelties as well as jewelry.

American Silver Marks John T. Fox
Rochester, NY
Active ca. 1841 - 1850, possibly set up for a time in Brooklyn, NY. Partner in C. A. Burr & Co. of Rochester after1863.

fradley J. F. Fradley & Co.
New York, NY
1866 -1936
Quality firm, maker's of small scale sterling and gold items, desk sets, vanity items, cane handles, frames, etc.

C.C. Franke
Possibly Maryland
19th Century

french G. H. French & Co.
North Attleboro, MA
ca. 1920 -1939
Flatware & holloware, absorbed into Ellmore Silver Co.

Clemens Friedell
Pasadena, California ~ c.1910 - 1963
Handwrought Arts & Crafts sterling. Important maker, trained in his native Austria and worked for Gorham on their Martele line.

John Fries
Philadelphia, PA
( Active c.1830 - 1850

Philip H. Furman
Schenectedy, NY
Active c.1821 - 1842

fuchs Ferd. Fuchs & Bros.
New York, NY 1884 - 1891
Succeeded by Fuchs & Beiderhase.

Fuchs & Beiderhase
New York, NY 1891-1896
Rudolf Fuchs and George Beiderhase. Absorbed into Alvin c.1896

Gaines & Relf
New Orleans, LA
Active c.1866 - 1877. John G. Gaines and Stephen Z. Relf, successors to Henderson & Gaines. Retailers of jewelry, silver and household goods.

John L. Gale
New York, NY
Active c.1816 - 1837. In partnership with William Gale 1825 - 1827. Earlier in partnership - Heyer & Gale ca.1800 - 1807

William Gale
New York, NY
(b.1779 - d.1845) Active c.1822 - 1862, usually in a partnership. Gale was a dynastic figure in American silversmithing and the father of manufactured pattern flatware, having invented the diecut roller in 1826.

Gale, Wood & Hughes
New York, NY
William Gale, Jacob Wood & Jasper Hughes Active 1833 - 1845. Precursors to the firm of Gale & Hayden and also of Wood & Hughes.

William Gale & Son
New York, NY
William Gale & William Gale Jr. Firm active 1850 - 1866. After the death of Gale Sr., through a series of partnerships, the firm eventually evolved into Dominick & Haff, which was absorbed into Reed & Barton in 1928

Gale & Willis
New York, NY
Active c.1859 - 1862. An interim partnership of Gale & Son with John R. Willis, the son in law of Gale Sr.

Thomas C. Garrett & Co.
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1829 - 1850. " & Co" from 1841 to 1850. Precursor to Clark & Biddle

S. Gazlay
Location unknown
Active mid 19th century

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