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John William Tucker
San Francisco, CA
Active c.1850 - 1886. He died in 1876, but the business continued in his name. Mostly a retailer, little or no work can actually be attributed to him.

Tuttle Silversmiths
Boston, Massachusetts ~ 1890 - Present
Fine quality traditional sterling. Now a division of Wallace.
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Charles Twambley & Son
Saco, ME
Active c.1850

Edward A. Tyler
Belfast, ME & New Orleans, LA
(b.1815 - d.1879) Active c.1834 - 1838 in ME, 1838 - 1879 in LA

Unger Brothers
Newark, New Jersey ~ 1872 - 1914
Sterling flatware, holloware, jewelry and novelties. Especially fine Art Nouveau work.

Clarence A. Vanderbilt
New York, New York
Sterling holloware and novelties.

William K. Vanderslice
San Francisco, California ~ 1858 - 1906
Important firm, fine quality flatware and holloware, both sterling & coin standard.

Daniel Van Voorhis
New York, NY & Princeton, NJ
(b.1751 - d.1824) Active c.1775 - 1800, was also master of the mint in Vermont in the 1780's

John Vernon
New York, NY
(b.1768 - d.1815) Active c.1786 - 1800. Partnership of Underhill & Vernon c.1786, John Vernon & Co c.1796

Geo. L. Vose Mfg. Co.
Providence, Rhode Island ~ 1904 - c.1920
Small sterling articles and jewelry.

J. Wagner & Son
New York, NY ~ c.1909-1965
Manufacturers of sterling silver holloware. Successors to Central Sterling Co.

A. Wakefield
Great Falls, NH
Active c.1846 - 1857

Hannah Walker
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1816 - 1817

R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co.
Wallingford, Connecticut ~ 1871 - Present
Major manufacturer, full line flatware and holloware. Currently named - Wallace Silversmiths

E. Waller
Location unknown
Active mid nineteenth century.

Ward & Bartholomew
Hartford, CT
Active c.1804 - 1809
James Ward & Roswell Bartholomew

Andrew Ellicott Warner
Baltimore, MD
(b.1786 - d.1870) In partnership with his brother Thomas H. 1805-1812

Cuthbert Warner
Baltimore, MD
(b.1760 - d.1838)

J. Warner
Columbus, OH?
Active mid nineteenth century.

Thomas H. Warner
Baltimore, MD
Active c.1780 - 1828, in partnership with his brother Andrew E. 1805-1812

George Waterman
Albany, NY
Active c.1848 - 1850

Watrous Mfg. Co.
Wallingford, Connecticut ~ 1896 - Present
Originally plated wares, began sterling line in the 1920's. Successors to Maltby, Stevens Co., in 1898 Watrous became a division of International.

Watson Company
Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1880 - 1955
Major manufacturers, full line sterling flatware and holloware.

James Watts
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1835 - 1850. Noted for engine turned decoration on flatware.

Nicholas N. Weaver
Utica, NY & Cleveland, OH
(b.1791 - d.1853) Active c.1817 - 1847 in Utica.

Webster Company
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1894 - Present
Holloware,novelties and vanity items in sterling. From 1950 a division of Reed & Barton

Weidlich Sterling Spoon Co.
Bridgeport, Connecticut ~ c.1915 - 1952
Sterling flatware & souvenir spoons. Some holloware

Alfred & George Welles
Boston, MA
Active c.1804 - 1810

George I. Welles
Boston, MA & Hebron, CT
Active c.1784 - 1827

George W. Welsh
New York, NY
Active mid nineteenth century.

Wendell Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, Illinois ~ c.1885 - ?
Manufacturer, full line sterling flatware and holloware. Ceased flatware production c.1900

John R. Wendt & Co.
New York, NY
Active c.1859 - 1870

Bernard Wenman
New York, NY
Active c.1789 - 1834

John L. Westervelt
Newburgh, NY
Active c.1826 - 1850

Attrib. to Thomas Whartenby & Co.
Philadelphia, Pa
Active c.1847 - 1850

Whiting Manufacturing Co.
New York, New York ~ 1866 - 1926
Major manufacturer, full line of fine quality flatware and holloware. Absorbed into Gorham in 1926.
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Frank M. Whiting Co.
North Attleboro, Massachusetts ~ 1878 - 1940
Manufacturer, full line sterling flatware and holloware. Became a division of Ellmore c.1940

Eban Whitney
New York, NY
Active c.1805 - 1828

Williams & Victor
Lynchburg, VA
Active c.1814 - 1845, Jehu Williams Sr. & John Victor

William S. Willis
Boston, MA
Active c.1830

Henry Wills
New York, NY
Active c.1774

Robert & William Wilson
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1825 - 1846. Excellent workmanship.

William Wilson
Abingdon, Maryland
(b.1755 - d.1829) Active c.1781 - 1829

William Wilson & Son
Philadelphia, PA ~ c.1883 - 1909
Manufacturer of sterling and plated novelties.
Plated ware mark is the same W - in a circle.

Christian Wiltberger
Philadelphia, PA
(b.1766 - d.1851) Active c.1793 - 1819, in partnership of Wiltberger & Alexander c.1797 - 1808

Hugh Wishart
New York, NY
Active c.1784 - 1819

Francis H. Wolfe
Philadelphia, PA
Active c.1829 - 1849

Wood & Hughes
New York, New York ~ 1845 - 1899
Important 19th century firm. Coin and sterling flatware and holloware. Succeeded by Graff, Washbourne & Dunn

Woodside Sterling Co.
New York, New York ~ 1896 - c.1925
Sterling holloware, novelties and vanity items. Succeeded by Richard M. Woods & Co. in the mid 20's.

E. Woodworth
Location unknown
Active c.1800

S. Wyler Inc.
New York, New York
Firm dealing in quality antique silver and reproductions. Silver historians (Book of Old Silver)

L. Young & Co.
Location Unknown
Active ca. 1830's. Possibly a mark of Levi Young of Bridgeport, CT.
Isaac Zane
Zanesville, Ohio
Active in the late 18th Century.

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